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The Conflict Resolution Diversity Initiative (CRDI) originated at the Capital University Law School in 2009. The initiative, the first of its kind in the country, seeks to address the under-representation of minority neutrals in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) matters. The initiative aims to increase opportunities for minorities to serve in civil mediation and arbitration proceedings.

Additionally, CRDI aims to increase confidence in the ADR process by providing panels representative of America’s diverse population.

CRDI provides panels of highly qualified neutrals primarily composed of people of color to serve as mediators and arbitrators.

CRDI Panelists

CRDI Panelists are diverse in race, gender and experience. They are seasoned ADR professionals with extensive training and experience serving as mediators and/or arbitrators in employment, labor and commercial matters.

Case Administration

Through our administrative partnerResolute Systems, LLC, CRDI will handle all case administration associated with this program. CRDI provides mediation and arbitration procedures and rules that parties may elect to utilize. For companies with existing Dispute Resolution rules, CRDI will administer the ADR proceeding seamlessly using those rules and procedures. Resolute Systems has extensive experience administering ADR proceedings, and is a leading neutral third-party administrator of dedicated ADR programs, Dispute Resolution Agreements (DRA’s) and Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) programs across the country.

For Prospective Panelists

CRDI actively recruits mediators and arbitrators from the bench, professional organizations, ADR training providers, as well as recommendations from participants and neutral panel members. Offering a diverse panel of qualified neutrals increases the effectiveness of ADR programs and is especially critical to the success of Employment Dispute Resolution programs.

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A custom ADR System is the solution.

No Trial designs, implements and manages your organization's ADR processes, which may include mandatory arbitration procedures. However, arbitration can also be risky and expensive. No Trial's risk assessment process reviews your company's situation and makes recommendations that may be a major cost savings for your organization. If all has been done to avoid litigation and it still becomes unavoidable, No Trial will manage your case. Your company's exposure to liability has, however, already been minimized by following the No Trial ADR process.

We assess, design, implement & administer your ADR system.

With your invitation, No Trial will come to your company to conduct an assessment of how your company is currently handling employee grievances and complaints. We will also analyze your exposure to risks and liabilities within your current methods. From there, No Trial will design, implement, and administer a custom-tailored ADR system that will dramatically reduce your exposure to liabilities and concurrently reduce your company's overall legal costs associated with HR related situations. No Trial will also help you navigate the complexities of corporate downsizing, severance agreements and restructurings.


Mediation is a strategic use of a highly effective tool.

Mediation is an effective tool that, when used strategically, becomes an excellent process to facilitate a negotiated solution to disputes.


Dispute Resolution Systems

No Trial designs, implements and manages your organization's ADR processes, which may include mandatory arbitration procedures.

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