Neutral Mediation & Arbitration Services

Mediation is a strategic use of a highly effective tool.

Mediation is an effective tool that, when used strategically, becomes an excellent process to facilitate a negotiated solution to disputes.

The process enables parties to retain control of the outcome, which otherwise would have been relinquished to the decision power of a judge or jury.


Our role is to bridge differences and bring about expedient solutions outside of the courtroom.

Mediation and Arbitration Services

The No Trial Team is also skilled in serving as neutral mediators in other areas such as:

  • Mediating & Arbitrating Healthcare &
  • Insurance disputes
  • Mediated Dissolution Agreements
  • Divorce Financial Agreements
  • Divorce Property Agreements
  • Shared Parenting Agreements
  • Ombuds Mediation for ADR Programs
  • Mediate Civil Litigation
  • Employment Law Arbitration
  • Credit/Debtor Arbitration
  • Personal Injury Arbitration

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Mediation and Arbitration Services