The Neutrals Diversity Alliance (NDA) increases diversity in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) proceedings. NDA’s mission is to:

  • Provide a more diverse pool of qualified neutrals to facilitate the resolution of labor and employment disputes involving employees/companies.
  • Serve as a national model for increasing diversity in ADR.
  • Increase opportunities for minorities to serve as neutrals in labor and employment ADR matters.
  • Create an alternative third-party facilitator which can be used by employers to ensure minority neutrals have a greater likelihood for selection on cases.
  • Educate companies about the need to proactively consider diverse neutrals in the administration of the ADR program.

The NDA is the next phase of the successful Conflict Resolution Diversity Initiative (CRDI) pilot. CRDI originated at the Capital University Law School in 2009. The initiative, the first of its kind in the country, sought to address the under-representation of minority neutrals in ADR matters. The initiative aimed to increase opportunities for minorities to serve in civil mediation and arbitration proceedings.

CRDI successfully demonstrated that an alternative ADR system using a diverse pool of neutrals could resolve employment disputes with a higher settlement percentage and lower fees than other traditional ADR systems.

NDA Panelists

NDA Panelists are diverse in race, gender and experience. They are seasoned ADR professionals with extensive training and experience serving as mediators and/or arbitrators in employment, labor and commercial matters.

Case Administration

Through our administrative partner Resolute Systems, LLC, NDA will handle all case administration associated with this program. NDA provides mediation and arbitration procedures and rules that parties may elect to utilize. For companies with existing Dispute Resolution rules, NDA will administer the ADR proceeding seamlessly using those rules and procedures. Resolute Systems has extensive experience administering ADR proceedings, and is a leading neutral third-party administrator of dedicated ADR programs, Dispute Resolution Agreements (DRA’s) and Employment Dispute Resolution (EDR) programs across the country.

Professional Organizations

NDA actively recruits mediators and arbitrators from the bench, professional organizations, ADR training providers, as well as recommendations from participants and neutral panel members. Offering a diverse panel of qualified neutrals increases the effectiveness of ADR programs and is especially critical to the success of Employment Dispute Resolution programs.

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