Basic Mediation Training

No Trial Limited offers a 16-hour comprehensive training program in Basic Mediation. The Basic Mediation Training provides an introduction to mediation and is a prerequisite for most advanced mediation training programs. This interactive training will teach participants about the practice of mediation and the basic skills needed to be a successful mediator. Participants will learn how to resolve conflicts using a seven step mediation model.

This highly interactive course includes lecture, group discussions, videos and roleplays.

Coupled with 20 years of practice experience, the No Trial Mediators provide advanced mediation, negotiation and problem solving skills through intensive communications.

Our team of mediators have successfully resolved hundreds of situations. We possess the essential skills, training and experience requisite to bringing about impartial mediated and negotiated outcomes in the least stressful way possible.

No Trial will gladly review your situation, or case, and create a roadmap leading to an impartial and positive outcome.

We are active attorney-mediators and hold the confidence of the courts, social services agencies, corporations and lawyers. Call us today for a no-obligation review of your situation.

Accredited and qualified pursuant to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Ohio.

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